Alpacha al Forte Fanfulla Selected MAY show

♦♦ Fri May 3rd: CLUB DJ SINCE // a refined approach to the BEAT

♦♦ Sun May 5th: LIVE Votre Chazam (retrofuturism [Bruxelles]) + CLUB DJ Lady Maru


♦♦ Mon May 6th: LIVE Philippe Cavaleri / BRUITAL ORGASME (experimental drone noise with home-made instruments [Bruxelles])

♦♦ Fri May 10th: CLUB DJ CHAPTER VII / Loveless dj set

♦♦ Sun May 12th: LIVE MUSHY (ethereal synth dark [Ita] / Mannequin Record) // then CLUB DJ  NIKO DALTO & ENRI KYB


♦♦ Mon May 13rd: LIVE VISION FORTUNE (cold wave [UK] / Mannequin Record)

♦♦ Fri May 17th: CLUB DJ FAKE // I HAVE NO FACE // LIVE MARY OCHER (weird avant-pop, superb voice produced by King Khan [Berlin from Moscow and Tel Aviv])

♦♦ Sun May 19th: LIVE SEAMUS CATER (experimental folk with Rhodes & Voice [UK/NED])


♦♦ Mon May 20th: LIVE LITTLE DEBBIE (psychedelic dark [California, USA]) + JEEPNEYS (bizarre dance retro-pop [California, USA]) CLUB DJ Malheur / Luciano Lamanna

♦♦ Fri May 24th: LIVE SECOND H. SAM (pop psych blues [Venice, IT], My Own Private Records/Shit Music for Shit People) // release party  CLUB DJ Bad Way to Get Fun / Bob Jr & Andrej dj set (contemporary synth punk) 

♦♦ Sun May 26th: h19-h23 "Pratiche ossesive 02" THEATRE - PERFORMANCE - EXHIBITION - DANCE
h19.00 Calcutta (garden acoustic LIVE), h19.30 Teatro AndroGiniArte (Theatre), h20.00 Danza MINE Danzanti (Theatre), h20.30 OXO (MusicHall, Performance), h21.00 Acchiappashpirt + Dellust (MusicHall, Performance), h21.30 Olympian Gossip (MusicHall, LIVE Simone Pappalardo & Tiziana Lo Conte), h22.00 Dj set ossessive by Demented 

♦♦ Sun May 26th: h23-h02 LIVE unhappybirthday (synth extravaganza wave, Ger) + CLUB DJ vietcondom

♦♦ Mon May 27th: LIVE AOXOMOXOA (experimental impro beat [Veneto, IT]) + CLUB DJ Alpacha Distro


♦♦ Fri May 31st: CLUB DJ CHAPTER VIII / Loveless dj set / closing party